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Premium Audit Services Edward Lynch, CPIA
Director of Marketing
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Micco & DeLuca
Joseph Micco CFE, CPA
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Premium Audit Process

All of RLD audits are completed by auditors who are exclusive employees of RLD Associates, Inc. Upon completion of the audit, all work is reviewed by our experienced audit managers. The audit is sent electronically, via mail or fax to our respective customers.

Why RLD Audits Stand Out from our Competition

  • Average Cost Per Audit
  • Financial Condition Reviews in Fraud and Arson Cases
  • Extra Expense Losses
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Associations and Memberships

Telephone/Voluntary Audits

RLD Associates, Inc. currently provides nationwide telephone and voluntary mail audit services to the insurance industry. The telephone audit call center is located in our home office.

Premium Fraud Investigation

RLD auditors are trained and kept abreast of the latest premium fraud and premium evasion scams. Any suspicion of these frauds is immediately reported to our audit supervisors, who contact the client to determine what course of action should be taken.